Yoga Basics


Comfortable yoga/gym pants/capris, not too wide. A top which can be sleeveless, short sleeved or long-sleeved, or you can layer it up. All clothing should be fitting and NOT loose.

A good source of “activewear” are  Marshall’s and TJ Max which err a bit too much on the side of black yoga pants!!!Prices are acceptable. You can find pants under $20, and they last for a long time. If you want to splurge, check Lululemon on line, or Athleta.  Aghhhhhh…. No I do not work for them!

For men, biking tights under shorts, or gym pants.

Layers & warmth

Make sure you have a sweater or a light jacket, socks for the relaxation.

Yoga props:

* Yoga mat. If  buying it, put it on the floor and put your hands down like in down-dog position to see if the mat has enough traction

* a strap – (see below) You can find them at Walmart, Marshalls, Target… pay attention to length. A longer strap has more uses.

* a block 

We tend to use wider (4 inches) more, but any will do. I have noticed that there were double blocks on sale in one of the above mentioned stores. If you come across them, buy 2.

A blanket 

I will bring my blankets, and if you want to have your own, choose more sturdy one (Mexican).


Any from the library that you  find engaging.

Judith Lasater: 30 Essential Poses


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