Winter Yoga Session


A cold January evening of 2014.

As I look into the last years photos, it seems that we have only two seasons in yoga – we are either doing yoga at the beach or we are warming up by the fireplace at our beloved Liberty Lodge. But then, I remember there was a short – for me – fall and a glimpse of spring long time ago!

Thanksgiving to Christmas is a hard road to navigate. Between darkness, cold, panic at the thought of Christmas shopping, planning and hosting parties and wondering how to avoid the holiday weight gain, it is easy to let go of walking (too dark), of working out (too tired) or doing yoga (too dark & too tired).

2014-11-05 17.08.15

A Buddha statue in front of Open Sky Studio.

A couple of weeks ago I caught myself heading towards hibernation and it took me a while to deal with it. Over the years, I considered a bunch of strategies – the SAD lamp (no, have not bought it yet), being more outside (aghmmm, not really up to it yet) and the most trusted one – back to my yoga classes (yes!). For 5-6 years now I commit to take classes throughout the year at Open Sky Yoga studio, where I completed my yoga teacher training. Regardless of my financial situation, I find the money to pay for the whole year. I know that every Wednesday and Friday I will head to that familiar place, into the Zen center, by the Buddha (photo) and up the wooden stairs. I will immerse in the class and come out of it fresher, clearer and more myself.


Liberty Lodge during our yoga classes.

Liberty Lodge class I teach on Tuesday evenings in Webster is the only yoga class I teach which has that extra something of doing yoga at a special and a beautiful place. It may be that it is secluded and quiet, it may be that we have the fire going on, it may be a longer session than usual. Whatever it is, it works!

Hope you join me:

Liberty Lodge 850 Maple St Webster NY

Tuesdays from 5.45 – 7.15 pm  – Level 2 Yoga (33704 Yoga For Everyday Life)

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30 pm – Level 1 Yoga (337042 Gentle Yoga with Marijana)

Start: December 9 2014 – 7 sessions: December 9, 16 and 30. January 6,13,20 and 27

Price $55

To register please use the link:


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