Into a Joyful Life – Yoga & Personal Writing


On Thursday May 15, 2014 I am starting yet another yoga/creativity/writing adventure and I would like you to join me!

First of all – what is this course about?

It is mostly about figuring out how we can live with less stress and more enjoyment. There are days, like today’s, when the sun is shining, birds are chirping, the sky is showing off its best blue colors, and I am working like the planet depends on me, forgetting to breathe, to get up or, God forbid, to smile.

There are days when things are not going right, when some serious problems happen, and I think that this is the end of the world, not really, but emotionally quite so. After a week or so, you can ask me about that problem and I will not even remember it. I will not remember it, but five days of my life will have been consumed by it.

This course is about learning to hold on life, on beauty, on joy and all good there is in it, despite everyday life stress.

“This course is about learning to hold your ground and not give in to depression and anxiety.”

Sounds complicated? Not really – we’ll meet every Thursday at 8.30 am till 10 am. We’ll spend time in meditation, breathing practice and soft yoga practice. We’ll write a little and observe a lot. Every week will have a new theme for writing – we’ll look for ways how to simplify our lives, how to weed out things and people who do not belong to our space.

Who is this course for? For people who want to enjoy life more AND who are willing to work some on it.

So yes, do join me! For registration, please visit Writers & Books web-site  at

ImageTurning Point Park Summer 2010. 


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