Do Less, Think Less, Breathe More

200512-omag-happy-600x411 (1)It took me a long time to understand that not everyone really cares to push and reach and achieve all the time. Sure, theoretically I know that, but in real life… aghmmm. It’s a different story. My overpowering desire to improve myself, my friends, yoga students and the world in general is well and alive, tugging me forward like an overexcited two-year old -”Let’s go, Let’s go!”

The other day I am driving my son from a swim practice and we are talking about the end of the season. Adrian is on the varsity team and can’t wait for the end of the season, and I am, naturally, thinking about his next and last one (my son is a junior this year).  I imagine how nice it would be to make it his best swim season ever. His coach recommended that Adrian work on his core strength, and I, being the ever supportive mother, jump on the opportunity to help Adrian improve:

“Why don’t we do a plank challenge in February?” I say.

Adrian: ”Why would I do a plank challenge? I am just finishing the swim season and I am happy I do not have practice every day!”

Me: ”Well, you could be six-pack happy!?” (my cunning way to get him motivated – right?)

Adrian, unperturbed, unfazed and immune to my little tricks: “What’s wrong with just happy?”


There is a special silence when the fire starts.

Well, the concept of being “just happy” is  something I have to work on (duh) and that concept is behind the new ”Gentle Yoga” class I am starting in Webster.

It will be an hour of slow movement with breath or through breath in a lovely lodge, lit by the fireplace, tucked away in  snow and silence. It will be an hour, I promise, of do less, think less and breathe more yoga.

When:  Beginning February 18th at 7:30 pm at Liberty Lodge in Webster.

To register:

Cost: about $45 for 6 classes.


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