Into the Fall

This was our last yoga at the beach. By most standards, it was not “as good” as the full-blown summer sessions, when we were baking in the sun and posing in water. Like herons. Or ducks. It was not as warm, for sure. Nobody thought about going into the water.Nope.

Blankets were taken out of the garage, where they were resting for the last 2-3 months and joined us too. We welcomed them.

It was windy, yes, Mary Poppins windy! If we had some big umbrellas, we would be floating around in some bird like yoga poses.

It was loud. Oh yes, those waves do get loud and chatty when encouraged by  the wind. They made me think of  teaching without words, otherwise, next time,  I will be  screaming on the top of mu voice” RELAX!!!”.

Still… I will not surprise you to say that it was the most memorable yoga@beach. Because it was against the odds?

Because it looked like we would be blown away if we venture down on the beach?

Because cold, noise, wind restricted what we could do, so we did  what we could with what we had?

Because there was a sliver of blue sky when we were ending? The only one for the whole day?

Because I learned again and again that the adventure happens at the edge of discomfort?


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