Magnolia walk



Photo Sejal Shah

There is always a sense of guilt in me if I am inside and it is sunny outside. Maybe it came from living first in Sarajevo, a city deeply engulfed in smog and fog for many winter months, and then in Rochester where winters are long and gloomy and clouds continuously win in the battle with sun rays. 

Or as a dear friend would say “the sun makes my heart sing”. It really does. I can not even try to describe what I get from being outside, either in the parks or in the mountains, but I do know that there is where I need to be. 

It will come to no surprise to you then, that from now all the way till November, you will be getting emails from me and invites to hike, kayak, do yoga…Join me when you can!

Here is the first invite:

“With my Y friends, I am organizing an easy walk in the Magnolia grove in Durand Eastman park. 
Snowy magnolias, star shaped, the ones above that look like lotus flowers, majestic pink ones with few elegant petals, yellow ones…
Have you ever rested under the snowy magnolias’ softly falling petals? Have you ever looked at the sky through magnolias’ flowers? 
If not, our friends, join me this Saturday at 2 pm at Zoo rd parking – the one where the information stand is – and we will go for a short walk through magnolias and then roll down the daffodil meadow.
We will stay there for 1.5 to 2h – depends on the weather. You can walk with us through the trails or just rest in the magnolia grove. 
A lovely adventure for kids.
Dogs are welcome in the park.


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