Elbow Balance 2

elbow balance

An Illustration from Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff.

As you study this illustration, remember your experience when lifting up and being in the pose – can you identify the area that felt tight?

elbow balance2

How to go from the place of constriction into openness? Is it possible?


Here is the first take on Elbow Balance in a recent class.

I often spend time worrying about some “harder”poses, should I push them on the class or not… So far, almost every time we  had about 80-90% people try the pose and as many succeeded!

The best was the look on people’s faces when they, after a fearful hesitation, miraculously lift up, then quickly come down, amazed and with a twinkle of a three year old child!

Check the previous post, use the belt, recruit a sturdy volunteer to keep you from falling sideways, and then kick up  a couple of times.

So, yes, there is a place of openness after tightness.


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  1. Melanie Bowen
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 11:27:19


    I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!



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