Elbow Balance (Pincha Mayurasana) I

or how to learn to like broccoli?

Hate to repeat it, but I have to – I do not like broccoli or kale. I do eat broccoli here and there if it sneaks itself  in some stew. Kale is still filed in “to be dealt with at a later date” folder. That folder would contain many yoga poses, too, had it not been for my continuous practice at Open Sky Yoga, where our  teacher could not care less what I feel about  a pose, but will rather see me give it an authentic try.

Elbow Balance and I have not been on good terms, for a long while. When I try it, there comes a point where everything tightens, no space to move anywhere,  and I see no way out but give up.

Give up I did!  Many times! After  one or two half-hearted kicks, without prepping for the pose, randomly jumping into it, as if I was playing lottery, so if I do X number of tries, I increase my chances of miraculously getting up there.

The miracle did happen. One day, I finally got tired of myself, used a belt, said goodbye to my expectations, kicked a couple of times, quietly and in a determined way, and ended up on the wall.


Here is the illustration from one of my favorite yoga books: “Cool Yoga Tricks” by Miriam Austin.

If you want to succeed,  look at the picture and please answer these questions correctly:

1. Where is her head?

2.How are her hands positioned?

3. Where exactly is the belt and how wide it is?

4. How far is she from the wall?

There is much more to this pose, and I will write about it.

You can read more about it here: http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/1711

In the meantime, on a day when  you feel adventurous, warm up with some Down Dogs, shoulder/triceps openers, and hop up!





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