Ignoring the fall?


I looked at the calendar and thought  it is time to say: the fall is here,  but …somehow it is not! Or I am being delusional? Am I holding on the summer?  Well, what about the photo above? It was taken last Sunday in Linear park in Penfield, and that, my friends, does not look like a fall picture to me. The photo may not convey it well, but there was some surreal shine off grass, some amazing green, which you can sometimes see when grass is wet and the sun touches it at a low angle.

Still October is knocking at our doors, and we better answer it.

In our yoga world, we’ll start our fall classes on October 2nd, Tuesday at 5.45pm at the Liberty Lodge. The registration is open at Webster Park and Rec, and you can still register.You will find the details in the Webster Yoga tab.

I have praised that class enough to start feeling like a used car salesman, but then – how can I not praise it? We have a quiet secluded lodge all for ourselves, we start a fire, set up the lights and music…we do yoga, laugh, grunt (very, very seldom), relax generously….. how can I NOT invite you to join us?

Hope you can come!

You heard me saying that you need to be selfish sometimes, that you need to carve out the time for yourself, outside the family, outside the work, outside all the roles you have in your life. There are 84 active hours in every week. Your one hour at yoga (or even two if you count  your drive) is about 1.5% of all time that you make yourself available to the world.

I carved my time this summer  oh yes!!!! At Mt Elbert in Colorado – 14,000 plus feet of sheer delight! AGH!


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