Yoga for Writing & Meditation Saturday September 22


In less than three weeks, I will be at the Gell Center (45 min from Rochester) at Yoga for writers retreat. I hesitate to spell out what my role will be (organizing – yes! facilitating – yes- but an ugly word), and at least I know what I will not do: I do not plan to “teach yoga” or personally “do yoga”.

I plan to create a mental and physical space which will allow you to take a break and spend an afternoon writing, moving, breathing.

What shall we do at this retreat?

  • we’ll alternate yoga/meditation/relaxation with writing practice
  • you will have enough time to get into your writing and dig a bit deeper
  • we’ll have some time outside if the weather allows
  • we’ll have tea and refreshments to help us keep going


The view from the porch

The Gell address: 6581 West Hollow Rd. Naples, NY 14512


The space will be limited to 16 people.


$35 for Writers and Books members

$40 for the rest of us

To bring with you:

Bring your yoga  mat, a journal or laptop for writing, a pen, and your imagination.

For yoga, add a blanket, a yoga block and a strap if you have it. Not required.

What to wear?

Something comfortable and layered.

Here is a collage I made after the last retreat, to give you a sense of space and environment.



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