The last time yoga@ beach- this Sunday at 8.30 am

Here is our last yoga @ beach for this year. It is one few of  events/experiences which does not fail. It always delivers something new or something good.

I am inviting you to join us and see what it is. As a yoga teacher, I feel that my role is to create an opportunity for you to explore – I will open the door and wave you in, and it is up to you to walk in or not.

To enter a door or not – is my struggle too.  More often than not, I will stop my car suddenly to take a picture of a sunset or a rainbow. It does not happen just like that – I will first think – oh let me go on, there will be other sunsets. Still – somehow –  I will make myself stop. I will park,  find a camera, and take a picture or just watch it for only a couple of seconds.

This is not a good photo, but it is meaningful to me and was  worth swerving my car to the side. It is a double  rainbow somewhere in the  Rockies in Colorado.  I saw it as I was driving towards Keystone to start my three day hiking last week.

Last year, when I was on a shuttle bus in Rockies Mountains Park, there was another double rainbow, and the whole bus gasped. The driver stopped a couple of times for us to try to catch it. That I was greeted by a double rainbow every time I visited Colorado made me smile and think – it will all be good!

And it was!

A friend of mine wrote “I wish I had your life” when she saw some of my travel photos. Well, I wish I had someone else’s life many times, particularly when I am driving at 3.30 am down the Loveland overpass  at 11,000 feet and a huge semi-truck is roaring behind me, and I am thinking about “a runaway truck  ramp” and if his brakes work well…. or when I am at the end of a trail after 6-7 hour strenuous hike and can not figure out if I made a right turn, and it is 5 pm already and my I phone has 20% to go.

Whether you will come to a yoga class is not important at all. It is rather about not ignoring small delights, it is maybe about going back to  who you were before you put  this  grown up clothes on. It is definitely about things that make your eyes sparkle and make you smile.

Here is my small delight –  one sea gull and a huge blue sky. You have to watch it lying down!

For yoga details, check the previous posts.

I wish you a wonderful end of the summer!


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