Being outside & weekly yoga practice

There is something intense about summer. It is either intense heat which rolls over me and leaves me gasping for air, or intense desire to be out and squeeze every moment of the blue skies.  Occasionally, this intensity leaves me surprisingly depleted and then I crave, of all things, a rainy day just to settle  down, re-group and reflect.

Photo LtR: Sejal leading a writing practice, some of us after the workshop, writing space, the view from the porch.

There is a lot to reflect about.  The Yoga -Writing workshop in the Gell Center opened a door to exploring  the  power of yoga  and translating  it into a creative process. Saying it differently: when we practice yoga, we complete the practice and leave. In the Yoga-Writing workshop, we stayed and explored that quiet place, listened to it and tried to decipher what we heard and put it in words.

I am getting more interested in “‘after yoga” time and invite you to find those moments throughout the day and stay in them. It is much easier to find them outside of your usual environment, and that is why doing a retreat or yoga at beach or one pose in your backyard  will give you something all our  yoga classes  can not. What is that “something”? Well you explore it, you find out!

Your practice for this week?

  • one pose outside for 10 breaths, eyes closed, ears open.
  • come to yoga @ beach Sunday July 1 2012 at 8 am. More info in the next post.
  • sit at the edge of water or under the tree for three minutes.Listen  to everything at 360 degrees. Do not discriminate sounds – like birds are more worthy of listening vs. a truck passing by. Listen to all.
  • try one pose you are not good at. Fail and then try again. Enjoy it – I mean it – enjoy it!

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