Writing & Yoga Workshop

You are warmly invited to “Writing and Yoga”,  an afternoon of writing, yoga and nature in the beautiful setting of The Gell Center, Naples, NY, 45 minutes east of Rochester.The Gell Center is a beautiful retreat place ( http://www.wab.org/gell/) tucked in the woods, and close to the trails. The workshop will be on Saturday , June 9, 2012 from 1 pm to 5 pm. It is organized through Writers & Books. (great people!)


Sejal Shah(above)  who is co-organizing this event with me,  is a good friend of mine, a writer,a teacher of creative writing and a yoga practitioner. She is from Rochester and though she tries to get away, we like to keep her here. We met at the Yoga Teacher Training at Open Sky and connected in a way a Bosnian strong head and a stubborn intuitive can connect. If we met in ten years, we would continue our conversation mid-sentence.

Yes, we are quite excited about this workshop and would like to share it with all, because we think that

1. yoga – writing – nature  will work  very well

2. it is in secluded location and in nature, so it must be good

3. it is affordable.

Aside from these good solid reasons, we are excited the way when you know that something will be good for your friends, and you would like to share it with them.


We are planning  to have about 30-40 min sessions of yoga followed by writing followed by yoga…. we have a large space which will allow us to move smoothly  from writing to yoga. The workshop will be limited to 25 people.

What sort of yoga? 

The yoga sessions will be accessible to all – beginners and advanced. It will be a combination of simple poses, breath practice, meditation and balancing.

What sort of writing?

In writing you will start with some fun creative energy releasers (new word)  and then settle on your writing project.

What can I write about?

If you are attracted to this idea, but have not written much since… since…. think about  bits and pieces of your personal history, or your family story. You may think it not exciting enough, but I can not think of more powerful stories than family stories.

Or you can use the time just to journal, talk  yourself through the stuff that bothers you or maybe write letters?

So many options!

What to wear?

Now that is the best question! I would wear something comfortable – like yoga pants and layered tops, and you can bring clothes to change.

What do you need?
Bring your yoga  mat, a journal or laptop for writing, a pen, and your imagination, Sejal says. I am not much of a laptop writer, and I  would prefer a really nice notebook, and a  couple of smooth  pens (in colors).

For yoga, bring a block and a strap if you have it. Not required.

What else?

I would recommend some fruit or simple snacks, water or juice.

Register. If you cannot find anyone to come with, come on your own. Though you may feel a bit uncomfortable  spending time with complete strangers, just come. This can be your  precious quiet time.

To register for the retreat, a great deal at $39.00 for Writers and Books members and $43 general public, click on this link: http://www.wab.org/workshops/2012-spring/special%20topics.shtml#3.

Inside of the writing center

The address: 6581 West Hollow Rd. Naples, NY 14512

About 45 min drive from Rochester.


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