Your Daily Practice – 5 minutes a day for 5 days

It is not easy to enjoy the holidays… unless you are Martha Stewart, I guess.  Every holiday season I re-discover that  Christmas comes too fast after Thanksgiving. Then New Years sneaks  in  as I am recovering from wrapping presents, and then … a long snowless winter ahead of us.

There is much more to holidays than just joy and cheer: there is running around, decorating, cleaning, cooking, hosting or being hosted, parties, food and drinks, seeing people we have not met in a long time,talking, lunches with dear friends,talking, joy of giving, gratefulness of receiving, cookies, listening, smiling, going out more, staying up later, laughing…. All good  stuff.

What do we  say about good stuff?  Too much of a good stuff is too much or there is no such thing as too much of  good stuff?

The most useful way, for me, to put that question is:  can we handle a lot of a good stuff? How to prevent being overwhelmed and how NOT to end up exhausted?

The simple answer to these questions can be two fold: (a) either move more and generate more energy or (b) surrender, and admit that we need rest.

I will be the first to advocate for moving, running, hiking on a daily basis. I will also be the first to admit that relaxing and surrendering to the quietude is not easy. Dead tired and brain tired I could be, and my mind will go on how I can engage myself in something as appealing as sorting the drawers or going through my closet. Oh yes, I could also finally organize my files – color code them and in alpha – order. Right.

Or I could just look at this photo above and be amazed how wise and blissful this leopard is – who, I am sure, can run around  to no end, and  who knows when he needs  just to plop down and disconnect.

As we are entering this  new year,  I am inviting you to start it  with a 5 minute a day relaxation. Any pose will do : legs up the wall, legs on the chair or a sofa, a relaxation pose. Play some soft music if you wish, count your breath, use a timer….  Let me know how it goes, let me know if you ever feel, after a minute or two of being quiet,  that you do not need this relaxing moment – that it is too much.


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