The Stuff Memories Are Made Of

This is the picture from the Black Bear Mountain in Adirondacks. It was an ugly day – cold and rainy and believe me, not that much fun. No fun at all.There was a slight possibility of clearing and in a nice Hollywood movie, we would come to the top and then the sun would shine. Not in my movie. We came to the top, scrambling , looked into the indifferent fog around and shivered.

This was the fourth fall trip I did with the same group. As I think of them, all previous nice weather hikes blur  into a continuum  of red and golden leaves, blue skies, and sort of blend in “a nice weekend in ADK” phrase, with little depth or sparkle to it.

Oh, do not get me wrong. There was no sparkle in hiking in cold wet weather and getting colder and colder. Everything looked and was grey and I was thinking “I am going to get sick and I do not need that now.”

It was not cold and freezing in Rocky mountains in July, but boy, was it high. Yes, it was beautiful, and I saw a black bear, and something with big horns, and the sunset was spectacular. It is truly stuff the dreams (and movies) are made of. I took a lot from those hikes.The top two memories, sorry to admit, were getting scared (1)when driving at 12,000 feet, with nothing between me and the deep deep chasm on the right and (2) getting scared when hiking a nasty snow covered slope with nothing between me and good solid 200-300 feet tumble down. Ugh.

Trust me, I start sweating just talking of these two “events”. So amazingly, that is what stayed deepest with me. The sunset and the quadruple rainbow are  in the photos, and God knows I was chasing that rainbow and I caught it. I have well documented proofs that the sun was shining and the sky was blue, the mountains were high, and trails lovely.

What stayed me, deeper than the perfect photos,  is what caused me discomfort, made me sweat and pray, and promise that “next time I will or I will not”. As if next time the circumstances will be the same.

There will be many sweet moments in yoga when you “do” the pose you could not do before, when you finally hear “stop thinking and just do it”. Oh yes! We love those moments .

But what really brings that little smile and fills the heart, is all the struggle and fear we had to conquer to get to “scary pose”.

To inspire you (yeah, right!) here  is one Crane (Bakasana)

(photo from Yoga Journal)

Enjoy it all as you practice it – trying, swearing, trying again and failing. Do not rush to get it.


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  1. Sue Rose
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 14:12:57

    Great post, Marijana! Thanks!


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