New Yoga Season – Some Serious Fun Ahead!

Welcome to Fall 2011 and welcome our  new or  re-newed yoga practice!

We are starting new classes in Webster (see  Webster schedule) and I am back in Greece YMCA  teaching Sundays. We did not have a break at the Downtown Y, but then, I taught only 50% of the classes. So it all looks like a new blank page of a new notebook. Now we need a finely sharpened pencil and we are ready!

What do we need to be ready for yoga?

What else?

1. Come a bit early if possible. Get yourself set up and spend a couple of minutes transitioning, on your own, away from work/home/the usual.

2. Come late if you have to! Any yoga is better than no yoga! Do not worry about disturbing us. Just come.

3. Feel free to ask any questions. It is not very likely that I will know the answer, but you will inspire me to find it.

4. If you have had any persistent unchecked pain for a while (i.e. a dull hip pain, something around the knee)  and you sort of got used to it, commit to have it checked with your doctor.

5. Plan to eat a light meal about 2 hours before the class. Being hungry makes me irritable and short-tempered, and that does not go well with yoga. See below for the full disclosure!

Talking about which, I have been raving about Greek Yogurt and Quinoa lately, and here is a nice recipe for both! (from Wegmans).

1 1/4 cups Yogurt  ( I use COBANI yogurt) 
1 pkg (7 oz) Quinoa Flakes  ( I use regular QUINOA and just soak it for 20 min in yogurt)
Wegmans recommends these additional ingredients – I use whatever I have in the house!
1 cup milk,1 cup strawberries, sliced ,1 cup red grapes,1 Granny Smith Apple, chopped or grated,1banana, honey, nuts


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