Outside and inside- yoga in nature

Almost heaven- 12,000 feet in Colorado

As mentioned in this blog many times, nature ROCKS!

That would be a simple translation of a very subtle, fleeting moment during your hike or a stroll  when you feel melting into clouds above you, or magnificently green meadows. It often comes on a top of a mountain, maybe because we have to walk it up, or because it is so quiet and removed.

With these thoughts,  I started exploring yoga in nature. In the last two months, I did a couple of yoga sessions at the beach and some quiet times on trails. How did it go?

Nature is messy, no doubt

Mosquitoes, nettles, heat and sweat, sand, dust and mud, rain….along with a huge sky and a green horizon- you have to take it all. It may be quiet, it may not.


Just try doing a tree pose while a sand fly is enjoying  your ankle for breakfast. Or savansana – relaxation pose- as all insects  decide to have a beach party right above your head with occasional landing on your face, gently biting you.


As you are trying desperately to get in your yoga “groove” and  focus on your breath and settle  with it, the wind is pushing your hair in your eyes, you can feel  sand in your mouth, the waves are roaring, your mat is packed with sand, your down dog is crooked, and you are, as  most of us, not in your element. Nope.

                                                                                    $%^# sand…….

That is not yoga you are used to. But you still feel  there is something going on, that it is worth  getting up early and spitting sand. Something  happens  towards the end of the practice. You open your eyes, and move in a yoga pose  while absorbing the sounds, the waves, a man surfing  in the distance, clouds changing their colors.

The sky and the lake right before our  Sunday morning yoga practice.

Three things I have learned in our beach yoga:

  1. Just move
  2. Eyes wide open
  3. Inhale with waves, exhale with wind.
Hope you join us next time… sometimes in August!


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