Weekly Practice 5 – Loving Kindness

There are many ways to practice ‘loving kindness” and many different versions what to say, how to say. Here is something that I came  up with and I would encourage you to change the words to suit your own breath flow. Start by sitting  quietly like we do at the beginning or the end of the class, eyes closed, face relaxed.

“May I be happy

May I be healthy

May I be free of suffering

May this day, week, year, life unfold smoothly for me”

Not much, right?

Here are the RULES :-)!!!

1) Start with yourself and wish yourself a good life. No, you can not go to needy ones right away, no you can not give your loving kindness to the people who are suffering. No. Sit quietly, find your breath, find your quiet heart and say these words silently or aloud.

2) After 2-3 breaths, bring the image of the loved ones, or a person who needs all good energy in the world to help them go through hard times, and with a smiling, full heart wish them good lives using the same words.

3) 2-3 breaths and switching gears…. find a neutral person, a neighbour you barely know, a person at the local store, and wish them the same.

4) 2-3 breaths and we are in the choppy emotional waters… think of a person who is not adding value to your life, someone who annoys you, someone who is a source of stress for you. Now really inhale and exhale evenly. Find your quiet heart and visualize that person and say these words……

“May he/she  be happy

May he/she be healthy

May he/she be free of suffering

May this day, week, year, life unfold smoothly for him/her”

No, it is not easy. Here are the tips: you can mumble quickly the words through the clenched teeth, you can stop and start, you can say it without really meaning it – and you know, that is totally fine! Fake it until you make it!!

In case you do not have anyone who annoys you, good for you! Send the wishes to the whole world.

No, it is not easy… what helped me is a very pragmatic thought ... if these people were happy and free of suffering, they would not bother me.

It took me two years to be able to say these words with some people in mind. I am not sure that I really wish them a happy life, but I do want them out of my head!



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