Weekly Yoga Practice – 4

Blue Skies Call for Dancing

” Dance first.  Think later”

We just came back from another quick check on the spring, my son and I. We visited quickly magnolias – white, yellow, purple and pink (below) which has magnificent huge flowers.

The yellow magnolias  are just to open, there was only one half open flower on the little tree, peeking at us, like “no, it’s too early”.

The purple magnolias  I guess need more audience and will come out at weekend to enjoy all ahhhs and ooohs.

This day resembles magnolias. It started with a colorful sunrise, it promised a beautiful sunny day and it kept its promise.  Can’t help but smile. The sun is suddenly bringing the young fresh leaves out, the grass is surreally green. I would not be surprised if there were  a big sign in the sky, written in clouds “we are there”.Or at least a smiley face.

With the spirit of spring inside and outside, we’ll explore a pose that brings fun, opening and balance all at once – a Dancer Pose.

There you are: your chance to put it all together – all the balance work we have done, relaxation of the face, smooth breath, trusting your standing leg…


1. Start with some balancing with eyes closed which we did in the class

2. Hold on something if you really do not know how to start (a wall, a chair)

3. Patiently wait for the breath and balance to settle

Repeat on the other side, walk a bit, come back and try again.

For really really advanced students, do the pose outside, next to a tree….:-)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Marijana
    May 05, 2011 @ 16:16:13

    Balancing with your eyes closed: Stand in a Mountain pose, then bend and lift one leg slightly up.Hold it with your arms or not. Lower. Switch. Next time close your eyes a bit as you are lifting the leg. Then keep them closed a bit more. The foot will quiet down after a bit. Smooth breath.


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