I am there… finally (weekly practice 1)

and it took me a long time.

Yes, I am referring to this blog, which I wanted to start months ago. I plan to make this the place where I can store and share my yoga tips, plans, practices with my yoga students and colleagues.

Yes, I am referring to weather and much awaited spring here in Rochester. I will remember this year as “the year when we all moaned and groaned about cold”. So we can stop now, take a couple of layers off and move our bodies freely.

On the yoga side, we ‘ll dedicate this week to more expansive movements – through limbs and with breath. Of all poses that we have worked on, this one stands out as open, unconstrained -Half Moon. Its original name in Sanskrit is Ardha Chandrasana and here it is:

Yes, there is the challenge of balance, and that is why I will ask you to practice  it against the wall, and lean into the wall as much as you want, and use the block under the lower hand. So your homework for this week is

a. Do the pose once on each side for 1 breath, then stop and stand in Mountain pose with your back against the wall.

b. repeat it on each side, and stay for 2 breaths. Back to Mountain pose.

c. If it feels good, move smoothly into the pose and stay for three breaths, and close your eyes.

Pay attention to your breath, please! Make sure it is smooth, soft and your face is relaxed.

Let  me know how it goes.




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